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Installing the Steps to install motorized retractable awning is an easy task provided one follows all the steps accurately. These are specially made to be installed on four different places of your homes and that is the first step that one must understand.

motorized retractable awning

Most of the people end up investing in these gorgeous looking home additions even without getting to know the basics right at the first place. This article focuses on the steps that one has to know to install the motorized retractable awning properly.

  • Get the measurement right

The first and the foremost step are to understand the dimensions, size, the height, and the length of the motorized retractable awning. The height of the awning should always be more than 8ft from the ground level and there should also be ample clearance space too. You must then understand the projection length. This is pretty much about the portion that you want the canopy to extend.

motorized retractable awning
  • Get the space right

You must ensure to understand the space requirements as well. Some people end up covering a lot of area in order to stay away from the sun and rain. But, that’s going to ruin the entire looks of the house. Hence, you must not extend the canopy into a larger space. Measure the area and then proceed to install the awning.

  • Follow the instructions

When you buy the awning through a right vendor or dealer they would assist you with the technicians who would be able to set it up for you. But, if you are doing it on your own, make sure to read through the instruction manually and then install them. They can be installed on the walls, roof, fascia, and eaves.

These are some of the steps that can help you to fix your awning easily in your homes. If you find it really difficult in doing it on your own, you might always seek assistance from experts.

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