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Are you a Summoners War player? Are you looking for excellent progress in this game? Here is something wonderful for you. Light fairy in Summoners War is a free-to-play (F2P) that can offer excellent SW skills to you. Look for an Ancient Magic Shop to obtain Light Fairy Queen (Fran)! You can power up all the capabilities of Fran from 23 devil Mons or other fairy queens. Fran has become an apex healer, which is easy to skill. Fran is quite significant in the SW game scenario. The players elect her for adequate progress in the game.

Light fairy third skill

Many SW players don’t know about Light fairy, and some of them even don’t pay attention to this mons unless they know her abilities. Fran’s capabilities are impressive, and her skills are excellent, especially the third skill, which is exceptionally good. She needs the right amount of ATK to heal appropriately. For this reason, some people don’t use her in PvP game mode. Her focus in PvE mode did well in attack teams. The players try them in different play modes to check their abilities.

Light fairy

Light fairy first skill

Fran is a quite interesting monster. Not only the third skill, but the first skill also of Light fairy is helpful. Don’t forget her first skill, ATK debuff for abilities. The first skill can be useful against any boss. The ATK debuff can be paired with the rest of her kit. When you get Swift/Energy ATTK/HP/HP but want to swap one for ATTK, give her a try once to finish leveling her up.

More abilities

What more can you say about Fran? The best build you can make in ruin build for Fran. It works great, as most players say very often. You can also try her in your gameplay. There is ample chance of getting excellent results with the skills of this monster. 

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