Breeze Eastern – Leaders of Helicopter Cargo Hooks

Hooks are generally used in many industries for securing and moving loads. However, based on the industry, it differs in type and comes with different names.  Also with the advancement in technology, the newest generation hooks feature with improvements to yield the best experience for the end-users. 

Breeze eastern hoist is the leading manufacturers of cargo hooks and is majorly used in military and civilian operations. Here in this post, you will see about the cargo hooks of Breeze eastern and its unique features & benefits

Cargo Hooks in Aerospace

C3-K Dart Aerospace– These are remote cargo hooks specially designed for the usage in helicopter cargo slings. C3 hooks have the potential to lift loads up to 3000lb capacity. It includes a keeperless adapter equipped with a cage. Some of the key features of C3 hooks include:

  • The housing plates are engineered using a high graded aluminum
  • They are easy to install and maintain. The maintenance part is taken care of by the qualified technicians of Breeze eastern hoist and is proof tested during service.
  • The internal fragments of the hooks are designed with best quality materials which are subjected to heat treatment to render enduring life span.

Benefits of C3-K Dart Aerospace by Breeze Eastern Hoist Corporation

  • They provide the best safety and efficiency at work.
  • Manufactured with the best FEM standards and most demanding regulations of security and safety, they are very fast and offer the best turn-around time.
  • C3-K series offers an impeccable operational time of about 1500 hours from the date of purchase or last overhaul.
  • Quick and easy installation with the best field maintenance.

To Sum it up

Using the right hooks can perhaps increase productivity with enhanced safety and comfort in your lifting operations. Apparently, the world finest hooks are manufactured by Breeze eastern hoist.

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