Active Zinc oxide used in production of Rubber products


Have you ever wondered that how quality of  car’s tyres have improved over time?   Or  how do we have thin yet strong rubber bands?  Or  we no more use those conventional band aids that became slacky with water.

This is because of replacement of conventional zinc oxide with active zinc oxide.

Active zinc oxide as a major ingredient of  rubber industry.

Approximately 50% of the produced active zinc oxide is being exhausted by the rubber industry. Zinc Oxide used in Rubber Products.

This ingredient works as a catalyst which speeds up the cure.

Keeping the physical properties same as thermal zinc oxide, active zinc oxide improves chemical property of the product i.e. the end product is better in quality.

This accelerator is mutifacet which has improved quality and quantity of rubber products, by improving their longevity, durability, elasticity etc.

Used in Rubber Products

Properties of  Active Zinc oxide used by rubber industry

  1. Heat stabilization : wear and tear of tyres are common due to friction caused between speedy tyres and road. This friction causes heat.

Zinc oxide has property of heat resistance, thereby making tyres long lasting stable and durable .

  1. Light stabilization : Zinc active oxide can absorb UVA/UVB rays which makes rubber tyres more resistant to rays of sun.
  1. Pigmentation: Ative Zinc oxide has fine particle size and refractive index. These properties together make Active Zinc Oxide usage in rubber products especially in surgical caps, gloves.

As it doesnot reduces brightness of the colour. White and tinted coloured rubber compunds can be using for long lasting period.

  1. Reinforcement: Rubber can be reinforced to other metal only with Active Zinc oxide.
  1. Accelerator: Active Zinc Oxide works as an accelerator in vulcanization process. It is a process of heating rubber and changing its chemical properties to form new durable material with the help of a catalyst like agent called activator.
  1. Anti aging property: This property enhances life of the rubber product and makes in durble for longer period.
  1. Low density: This property has improved the quantity of the rubber products keeping their volume low. Eg- Rubber bands, The number of units produced increased while their weight remained same or reduced.

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