Love the Lamzac: You’re Best Buddy to Chill Ever!

Well, are you a lazy person? Do you think you know all the lazy people hacks? Maybe, maybe not! The invention of these portable air sofas has just made our lives so much convenient. Whether you are going to the beach or on a camp, or even for trekking, and other activities, these lay-bags are going to be you relaxation companions. To know more about them you can simply read on websites like Sitzsackberatung, and others, where you will get a proper overview.

Be the center of attraction

The most popular variant of air sofas is the Fatboy Lamzac. It’s available in 8 or more colors can be easily compressed and takes a very small space in your bag. The Lamzac is a brand new item from the Netherlands and already has become the people’s favorite. Just in case you want to pull a crowd, all you have to do is inflate your companion, the Lamzac, and wait for the party to just float around you.


Use it wherever you feel like!

You might be thinking that what is the utility of this air sofa? Well, let me tell you it not only comes handy during a beach party, or pool parties but you can also use it in your apartment, during sightseeing, on a camp, on a cruise and a countless number of places. This ultra-cozy lay bag is perfect for two people and its portable size makes it very useful. If you are still not sure as to whether you want to buy it or not, you can always check review sites like Sitzsackberatung, and others for expert opinion.

Special features:

  • Height and weight:

200cm to 90 cm dimensions weighs around 1.2 kilograms

  • Material:

High-quality nylon Ripstop material

  • Colors:

It is available in dark blue, light blue, red, green, black and many more.

It’s super easy to build, does not require an air pump, and is very comfortable as well as sturdy.

For suggest you can go through other reviews of the lay-bag on websites like Sitzsackberatung, and others so that you can purchase your Lamzac air sofa ASAP.

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